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Octavia Butler’s time travel vs. other authors.

While Octavia Butler writes about time travel in Kindred, she deals with parts of it in a different way than I am use to seeing. When one of the characters in her book attempts to kill herself while time traveling, it brings her back to her reality. Normally, in the books I have read, if someone dies while they were time traveling to the past, there self in the present either no longer exists, comes back with things changed, or dies in there reality as well; however, that isn’t the case in Butler’s novel. in Butler’s novel when the person that time traveled to the past kills themselves or dies all it does is bring them back to where they belong and to me that is a bit strange. If I were to venture into the thought if time travel, I would be right along the same paths as the other authors that have the same circumstance but their character would die. It seriously confuses me how you can travel as the same physical being (not subconsciously because then I would understand this) die in the past yet still be alive in the present/future, depending on how you look at it.


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Kindred by Octavia Butler

Kindred is a novel written by Octavia Butler that was published in 1979. The novel takes place in 1976 and is narrated by Dana, the main character of the story. Dana is married to a white mane by the name of Kevin Franklin. It might not seem relevant that I am telling you that he is white. However, in the novel, Dana time travels between the early 1800’s (a big time for slavery) and her present time of 1976.  At first, the time traveling is only herself, but later on in the book her husband finds out that if her holds onto her while she travels through time he is able to go with her. With slavery being around in the past where she travels to, Dana experiences first hand the terror of slavery. she sees the rapes happen, the lashings of slaves, and how they were treated like of the major themes of this book is how crazy power can make you and how corrupt it can be.

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Can analytical writing be useful in my career fields? // What did i enjoy most?

I strongly agree that analytical writing could be very useful as a pastry chef. Analytical writing could help me analyze my staff on what that are making that day, the progress they are making, and how they handle themselves in the workplace. This skill will help me to explain how and why I analyzed member of my staff. it will also help them understand in a clear way what they need to work on by the way I write the review in a very organized and professional manner. I find this skill to be vital because if I need to express myself in writing, instead of just verbally, I can now do so.

The part of this class that I enjoyed the most was probably the movie review. I enjoyed this assignment the most because it gave me an opportunity to watch a movie and actually pay attention to some of the details that I would normally ignore. when I watch a movie I sometimes make a comment here or there about an actor or a scene that bothered me, but his gave me a chance to actually break it down, chapter by chapter. to really go into detail about why I did or did not like a part of the movie or even the movie as a whole.


movie review

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Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler, the author of the book we are reading in class Kindred is a very interesting person. The fact  that she grew up in such hard times that her mother took the job as a maid and had to go through back doors of the peoples houses she took care of says a lot about her to begin with. With seeing those experiences that he mother had, is where she got her inspiration for Kindred. Butler was also dyslexic, and very shy growing up but she did not let that deter her from pursuing her career as a writer. One thing I found very interesting about her is the way that she blurred the lines between what was happening in the real world during the time she was growing up and science fiction.

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If i were to be zapped into the past…

If I were to be zapped into my past, there wouldn’t be much I would want to change. I would have to prepare my self for the heartaches and let downs that I would have to deal with though. If I were zapped into my past and landed in my high school years, there was a lot of heartache that I dealt with. One of the main things I would have to remember is that things would get better. I got into a car accident in my sophomore year and totaled my car. Long story short I took my dad to court for my insurance money that was owed to me. After court I got the money that was owed to me and my dad told me that he wouldn’t be upset if we never spoke again. that was one of the roughest times of my past. my father and I never had the greatest or closest relationship growing up, but he was still my dad. He was half of me and to find out hat it wouldn’t bother him a bit to not ever talk to me again really hurt. My relationship with my father was a very difficult one for a while, and then we got around to talking again;now he and I are super close again. However if I had to go back through that whole process again, being the only on who knew what was going on it might hurt more not being able to talk to him like I do now. and not being able to tell him everything is going to work out, we are going to be okay dad. would break my heart.

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My visit to the Frye

My visit to the Frye art museum was interesting to say the least. I’m not one to go to an art museum just because I want to. I went into this assignment thinking, “oh great, this is going to be a bunch of pictures hanging on the wall. I don’t care about paintings, nothing is going to stand out to me enough to write a paper about it..” However, after visiting the museum my opinion about it changed. I really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t just a bunch of framed pieces on a wall. I liked that there were sculptures and that a lot of it was local artist. One thing that I didn’t like was that it all seemed a bit partial. I don’t want to say that it was racist, because there were a few different groups that were explored. The one piece that really stood out to me in doing this was, the sculpture/piece of art that was the person in swat attire that was surrounded by all the cups covered in red paint, with names of African American’s that had been killed by cops or law enforcement. I understand that this has been an “issue” recently and all over the news but I don’t feel that it should have been singled out as a group of people that were killed by law enforcement. There are many other race and ethnicities that have had their lives taken not just by law enforcement, but in general and unjust situations. I believe that that sculpture would have been taken better by other people and my self if they hadn’t focused on just on race but as the problem in a whole. Also not blaming law enforcement as a whole, and just point out that there are a few bad seeds in every bunch. I believe that my experience would have been better had I not seen that piece because it did make me a little upset about the museum.

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Who am I?

First off, I want to say hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Shannon and I attend the Art Institute of Seattle, where i am pursuing my Associates in Baking and Pastry. I have a very deep passion for baking; I love everything about it! My favorite thing though would be being able to have people enjoy my food even before their first bite! That would lead into one of my favorite forms of art; plating,the way food looks on a plate. I personally do not want to eat something that looks unappetizing. I want to be able to eat with their eyes before they taste! Again, thank you for taking time to read my blog and hope you enjoy whats to come!